Eisse Clan


The Issa are a Somali clan. The Issa primarily reside in Djibouti, the extreme northwestern fringe in the Awdal district of Somaliland in northern Somalia, as well as the Shinile Zone located in the Somali Region of Ethiopia.


The Eissa traces back to Arabia up to  Aqeel ibn Abi Talib.  Shiekh Eissa was one of the Ashraf Islamic Scholars who came to East Africa to spread Islam in the region similar to Shiekh Isahaq, Shiekh Ismail Jebrti, Sheikh Samarone, etc

His actual grave lies close to that of Sheikh Ishaq ibn Ahmad al- Hashimi, in northeastern Somalia

However, the fact is that not all members of Eissa tribe are the descendants of Shiekh Eissa. As a tribe the Eissa regardless of their origin are the most homogenous and coherent Somali clan with the most rigid clan constitution





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